What services does Health Reins Energy Therapy provide?

The following are services provided for you to choose from so you may have the best chance at physical and emotional well being. As with any branch of health care, never take our word for it — educate yourself then choose what is right for you.

Services for Dogs, Cats, Horses & People
Services for Dogs, Cats, Horses & People

What is Acupressure? Acupressure is the same thing as Acupuncture, except it is non-invasive (no needles). It is an energy balancing technique that has been commonly used in eastern countries for over 5000 years.

Acupressure is applying different types of pressure on certain energy points to balance, unblock, and direct the energy force in the meridians. "Meridians" are the channels running through your body that carry the energy, much like veins and arteries carry blood. When they become unbalanced (i.e. more in one than in another) illnesses, both physical and mental are more likely to happen. Having a down day? Balancing the meridians may help. Have cancer? Energizing the immune system, and redirecting energy can give your traditional sessions a real boost.

What to expect? I will first prepare your body for the session by pressing on each side of your spine (you will be fully clothed the entire time). There are points there that can give me information about what points need to be worked. I put that information together with the information you have told me and treat them like puzzle pieces that guide you and I to what needs to be balanced and unblocked. There are many ways to solve the same problem, and sometimes it takes a few sessions to zero in on the ones that will best fit your unique body system.

There are usually 4 to 8 points that need working, and each one of these comes in pairs, so that's 4-8 times 2. Acupressure works best when we work together…it's not something I'm going to "do" to you. You need to tell me what it is feeling like and when it feels like enough…this gives you the optimum benefit from a session. I also believe everyone should know how to do acupressure so I will show you how to do it on yourself so you can minimize your visits to me.

Services for People Only
TCM Assessment
Services for People Only

TCM stands for Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is a full health care system containing many elements. I use some of the elements to assess where the energy imbalance is in your body. It is a two appointment service.

First, I take your health history in minute detail. This usually takes about an hour because, unlike western medicine, TCM requires all the little information that may or may not seem important. As an example, the time of day you feel better is important to TCM.

I then apply this information to the different TCM theories such as Five Element, Yin/Yang, Region, Pathologies and Meridian Theory. This will tell me what needs to be brought back to balance and where to begin.

When should you request this service? Ideally, this should be done every year as part of your annual checkup. Aside from that, this is a pre-requisite to working with complex issues of any kind.

Why would I want it? When working with complex issues it is necessary to get a clearer and more complete picture of the subtleties your body is telling you. An acupressure massage can help a great deal, but you may spend more money than you need to in return visits until the root cause is uncovered. Doing this more thorough work up front helps to zero in on what’s needed faster.

Services for People Only

Nutrition Assessment

Services  for People Only

Nutrition is sooo important and we Americans tend to dismiss it far too often. After all, you can have your energy perfectly balanced, but if you’re not getting the right nutrition into the cells, they cannot keep you at your best. This is why I also offer a nutritional assessment to help you figure out the best foods and/or supplements for you. Your body knows what it needs and it will tell you if you listen to it. I help you “read” your body by assessing the physical and emotional clues that it gives.

What to expect:
It is best in person, but I can easily do this over the phone as well. It takes about an hour to go through a long list of questions that will give me the clues necessary to get you headed in the right direction. I assess the clues and give you a summary report that should be looked into further with your doctor.

Services for People Only

Essential Oils

Services  for People Only

What are Essential Oils? I chose to work with essential oils because they work with and for us on many levels. First, we are built to eat plants and essential oils are the blood of the plant carrying all their nutrients for growth, rebuilding and defense. They contain carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, & oxygen, just like our blood, so our bodies recognize and utilize them easily. They have very complex compounds that are meant to work together, unlike pharmaceuticals that have separated the compounds. This allows essential oils to work on all of our levels.

  • Physically – they contain molecules that are small enough to readily be absorbed
  • Energetically – they have very high frequencies that affect our cells. And they are adaptations, which means they bring both “too much”, and “too little” into balance of “just right”.
  • Mentally – they generally raise health, and mental awareness.
  • Spiritually – many oils are known to affect our spiritual centers—this is referenced in the bible, along with what to take for certain ailments

Essential oils amplify other energy work because of these properties—this is why they blend so well with the other treatment therapies I use. Adding the right oil to the right acupressure point can have a powerful effect.

Rain Drop Treatment

A Rain Drop Treatment is an essential oil treatment developed by Young Living of placing oils on the spine to help remove physical and emotional toxins. This method is very useful for long term toxic buildup, and for viruses, bacteria, and funguses that just won’t go away.

Neuro-Auricular Treatment

A Neuro-Auricular Treatment is a method developed by Young Living of placing the oils on the neck and spine to help release emotional baggage that may also be causing physical symptoms. Remember, we store emotions in our cells and can even inherit them from our ancestors. So, don’t let the wrong ones be hanging out in your cells.


I consult with you about which oils would be best for a particular situation either in person or on the phone. This is a free service if you are a distributor under me.

Purchasing Oils

I am a Young Living Distributor, so you may purchase oils through me, or sign up to order them yourselves directly on line at www.YoungLiving.com. You will need my Distributor No. 928067.

I chose Young Living as my source for essential oils because they do not dilute them in any way, they are the most pure, and they have the highest quality control.

Services for Dogs, Cats, Horses & People
Services for Dogs, Cats, Horses & People

What is Reiki? The word Reiki is literally translated as 'universal life force energy'. It refers to an ancient hands on healing technique that was revived by Dr. Usui in Japan in the mid-1800's. Every living thing has universal life force energy. It's what defines us as alive verses dead.

Anyone can perform "healing" by touching someone, because that action alone is an interchange (channeling) of magnetic energy and promotes faster healing. (Mommy's kiss really does make it better.) What makes Reiki different is the practitioner has been attuned so their physical and energy bodies are vibrating at a higher frequency and their energy centers (chakras) are opened further so they can channel higher amounts of universal life force energy.

Reiki energy (which is an alpha energy wave) is not "given" by the practitioner, but drawn by the client. Your body knows best where it should go, so we might start with a certain intent, only to find your body directed the energy elsewhere. Sometimes improvement is noticed with one session, and sometimes it takes many…it all depends on how thick the sediment is (see below). Simply put, a Reiki session can add life force energy to your body, break up energy blocks, and release lower frequency energies that drag you down.

What to expect? Although it's not necessary, usually you lie down on a cushioned table so all the energy centers can be reached. I start at the crown chakra at the top of the head and work down from there. Sometimes I have my hands touching you, and sometimes it's easier for me to feel the energy if I keep my hands a few inches away from you. After warming up by energizing the head area, I'll do an energy scan, looking for blockages, by sensing stronger and weaker energy fields with my hands. I end by sending energy up the legs and spinal column. It can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. Sometimes you may feel the energy transfer. It could feel like a penetrating warmth, a magnetic pressure, a pulsating wave, or a tingling sensation. Sometimes vivid colors are seen when your eyes are closed and sometimes emotions are suddenly felt, like the urge to cry or to laugh for no apparent reason. And sometimes, there are no sensations at all.

Reiki is a powerful method to balance energy and I use it in the background of every session I do unless you instruct me otherwise. Requesting a reiki session means the session will be devoted to the reiki energy allowing me to “see”, “feel”, and “sense” what I otherwise may miss, as well as give you a more powerful energy treatment.

Services for Dogs, Cats, Horses & People
Low Frequency Energy Clearing
Services for Dogs, Cats, Horses & People

What is Energy Clearing? There are four concepts to understanding it.

  1. In the energy world, likes attract likes.
  2. There are what I call energy balls of varying frequencies that are always floating around (they have been actually photographed many times).
  3. Our cells need to be at a higher frequency to be healthy.
  4. "Bad" emotions, such as anger, hate, fear, trauma, or stress, are made up of low frequencies.

So what does all that mean? If you have been feeling "good" emotions, such as happiness, love, or contentment, you are likely to attract higher frequency energy balls around you…these are good to have. If you have been feeling "bad" emotions lately, you are likely to attract the low frequency energy balls to you…these are unhealthy to have hanging around and will continue to lower your cells' frequency the longer they stay, eventually causing ill health or sour moods.

Here's another example for you. If you have a rip-roaring fight with someone and the anger is flying around from both parties, you are both then susceptible to attracting low frequency energy balls. But there's more! The energy you created stays in the area after you leave, so that area is also susceptible to attract the low frequency balls!

Energy Clearing is just as it sounds…clearing those lower frequency energy balls from you and the area around you so they no longer affect the health of your cells or your mood.